The 19th China Plastics Exhibition & Conference (China PEC 2019)
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The 19th China Plastics Exhibition & Conference (China PEC 2019)

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China PEC 2019

The 19th China Plastics Exhibition & Conference

Organized by Taizhou International Convention & Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. (TICEC),  China PEC 2019 - The 19th China Plastics Exhibition & Conference is to be held on Oct.11-14, 2019 at Taizhou International Convention & Exhibition Center (TZICEC), China.



Founded since 2001, China Plastics Exhibition & Conference (China PEC) is held once a year, growing up to be a prestigious national trade show of Plastics industry. It's also an famous exhibition brand in China, fully endorsed and supported by the plastics industry.


China PEC is an ideal business trade platform that attracted more and more global buyers from all of the world, displaying plastic products, raw materials, machines, dies and moulds and related technologies during the show.


Plastic Machines and Equipments

1、Injection molding machine, extruder, hollow molding machine;

2、Rubber melting machine、roller mill and other plastic processing mechanism and equipments;

3、Silk-screen, pad printing, bronzing, heat transfer printing, spray code and other printing and packing mechanism and equipments;

4、Testing apparatus, examining equipments and related equipments and accessories.


Plastic Moulds and Equipments

1、Moulds and mould products, mould standardized items, mould material;

2、Digital control system and FMS flexible processing system, CAD/CAM/CAE techniques, polishing techniques and auxiliary equipments;

3、Process center, digital control machine tools and mould testing equipments;

4、Testing equipments and other tools, blades.

Plastic Material and Auxiliary


Plastic Products and Plastic Parts

1、Various kinds of plastic commodities, plastic products used in agriculture, forestation, herding and other tertiary industries;

2、Plastic craftwork and toys;

3、Plastic construction material, tubes and cables;

4、Plastic parts of autos, motors, machines, electronic and electrical appliances, etc. and plastic packaging.


Plastic Material and Auxiliary

1、Various kinds of general plastic material, engineering plastic, modified plastic functional masterbatch and supplements;

2、Various kinds of plastic pigment, dye, color mother grains and other pigmentation masterbatch and dope;

3、Various kinds of chemical auxiliary, additives。


Taizhou, the city where DYS is located, is the base of plastic molds and plastic products in China. Therefore, in providing high-quality bearings to OE customers, DYS can also provide customers with automotive tensioner plastic wheel molds, plastic materials and plastic injection testing equipment. We strive to provide you with more comprehensive services, to make your products more perfect.


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