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The Dragon Boat Festival originated in China, it was originally a festival for Chinese people to cure diseases and prevent epidemics. In the land of Wu and Yue, before the Spring and Autumn Period, there was a custom of holding tribal totem sacrifices in the form of a dragon boat race on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. Later, because the poet Qu Yuan died on this day, it became a traditional festival for Chinese Han people to commemorate Qu Yuan. Dragon Boat Festival has been a traditional Chinese custom for more than two thousand years. The Etiquette theme of praying for blessings and eliminating disasters entrusts people's good wishes to welcome good luck, ward off evil spirits and eliminate disasters. On this day, Chinese people have the habit of making Zongzi and eating Zongzi. Have you ever tasted this in China?



Celebrating the national day and the Mid Autumn Festival · 喜迎国庆中秋
It is a full moon day of missing, and a golden autumn national day. In the coming days of the double festival, the whole world warmly celebrates. All DYS employees wish our great motherland China prosperity forever, and wish Chinese friends all over the world a happy holiday, peace and happiness! | Our holiday: 2020 / 10 / 1-2020 / 10 / 8



Eid mubarak · 古尔邦节好!
DYS wishes Muslim friends all over the world a Happy and Peaceful Eid ! DYS祝福全球的穆斯林朋友们的古尔邦节好! “古尔邦”在阿拉伯语中称作عيد اضحى‎(尔德·古尔邦或称为尔德·阿祖哈)。拉丁文称为‘īdu Aḍḥā 。“尔德”是中文“节日”的音译。亦称古尔邦节(‘Id Qurban)、“忠孝节”、“尔德节”或“古尔巴尼”。意为“献祭”“献牲”含有“牺牲”“献身”。所以一般把这个节日称作“牺牲节”或“宰牲节”。也译作“库尔班”的,为朝觐功课的重要仪式之一。(《伊斯兰百科全书》)



Welcome to Taizhou · 台州欢迎您



New Era, Shared Future - CIIE 2019 新时代,共享未来
New Era, Shared Future " 新时代,共享未来 " CHINA INTERNATIONAL IMPORT EXPO-2019



Celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China · 喜迎祖国70华诞
神州奋起,国家繁荣;山河壮丽,岁月峥嵘;江山不老,祖国常春! 国强则民强,国富则民富,国家昌盛则民族亦昌盛,值此国庆佳节,DYS BEARINGS全体员工祝愿我们伟大的祖国永远繁荣昌盛。
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