DYS, Bearings parts eddy current inspection process

Eddy current inspection process is adopted for inner and outer rings of bearings to prevent bearing failure due to material surface defects, guarantee the safety of automobile bearing in the main engine matching.

Tightening wheel of automobile bearing (1): Selection of bearing (DK Series) 

DK series bearings developed and produced by DYS are mainly used on the plastic wheel of tensioner and on the idler gear of the tensioner . 
DK means that there is a knurled groove on the outer diameter of the bearing, it can effectively solve the looseness and slippage between the plastic wheel and the outer diameter of the bearing caused by the heat expansion in the operation, It also can prevents the axial movement of the bearing after the plastic thermal expansion at high temperature. 
Tightening wheel of automobile bearing (2): Selection of bearing cage

The speed of the Tightening wheel is not constant, which changes rapidly with the engine running between 4000-12000rpm, which requires a cage that can withstand the impact of steel ball due to rapid speed change. The new PA nylon cage developed by DYS can prevent cage deformation, increase oil storage space and prolong bearing’s service life.

(iron cage: when the steel ball collides with the iron cage due to rapid speed change, resulting the cage in deformation and seizure, or due to cage deformation, the steel ball is stuck in heat expansion during operation, and the bearing fails.)