DYS, Deep groove ball bearing production line.

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It is fully automatic bearing grinding processing, finished product assembly line production. Grinder production line includes: rough grinding, fine grinding, grinding and testing of bearing inner rings and outer rings;
Finished product assembly line production includes:
Inner and outer diameter inspection、Parts cleaning、Sorting, matching、Cage installation、Cage riveting、Finished product cleaning、Steel ball and cage defect detection、Flexibility, clearance detection、Noise detection (BVT)、Spin dry, grease on both sides、Double-sided press-fit seals、Distributing the grease evenly、Automatic product appearance test、Artificial appearance review、Appearance anti-rust into the package.
The fully automatic production line improves the productivity while making the product quality more stable and high-quality, and shortening the delivery time, making it more competitive in the market.

DK Series plastic wheel special bearing automatic production line

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DYS BEARINGS adopts high-quality material of GCr15 with heat treatment process and uses fully automated production line. Sealing ring, grease and clearance can be selected according to customer requirements, so as to make the more reliable and stable performance of the bearing, higher cost-effective of the product and longer service life.

DYS has been committed to the market for more than twenty years, serving major automobile OE and after-sales markets. Pay more attention to Supporting bearings for automobile Tensioners & Idlers from DYS. can customize the size and product configuration according to customer requirements.