See you at ZOOM during the epidemic · 疫情期间 我们Zoom见
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See you at ZOOM during the epidemic · 疫情期间 我们Zoom见

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See you at ZOOM during the epidemic


“ZOOM is very powerful and easy to use software that can be downloaded 

with a click.You can use ZOOM anywhere,whether on an airplane,

in your car,at home or in your office.”

——Jelena Joffe,work for AB InBev


“It is recommended that frequent travellers use this tool.

We have clients all over the world, so it`s important that 

we can hold meetings in the simplest way possible.”

——Shobhana Ahluwalia,worker for Uber

“With ZOOM,our team now works better together.”

——Peter Gassner,worker for Veeva

DYS started to use ZOOM in May 2020 to keep face-to-face communication 

with customers from all over the world who could not come to China during 

the epidemic,and to shorten the distance between them.


Welcome to our ZOOM conference,you just have to do following:

1.   If you are an iPhone,just look up ZOOM in App Store to download “Zoom Could Meetings”


2.If you are using a phone or computer other than iPhone,you need to download 

ZOOM from the official website


3.First login to ZOOM official website Go to the bottom of the site,

see download,click download.


4.This is interface,please download and install.


5.Please click the download button to download the install,

and the ZOOM icon appears after installation to join the conference.


6.Join meeting and enter the Meeting ID provided by the meeting sponsor.

You can also change your name for identification during the Meeting.


Click to join the meeting and enter the password provides by the sponsor to enter the meeting arranged by us.




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