WR1630087PSG (For EF7)
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WR1630087PSG (For EF7)

Corresponding No.: WR1630087、WR1630087D-1

Size: Φ15.918 / 12 X D 30 X L 103 / C 38.9mm

Clearance: Standard

Grease: As the order's requirement

Mark: As the order's requirement

Remark: Auto Bearings—Water Pump Bearings-Used for PEUGEOT(EF7) Car.

DYS water pump bearing model suffix description:N:There is an oil groove on the outer diamater. / S:The axis of the shaft is not the same size. / T:There is a small step 3.1X0.4 at one end of the shaft core. / O:There is an oil hole in the outer diameter. / G:stands for shaft is high frequency treatment.




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