DK13726-2RS (For TU5)
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DK13726-2RS (For TU5)

Corresponding No.: DK13726-ACM、B10、B10-5280、392A00900200、ATC2437B2610G-2RS

Size: d 10.5 X D 37 X B 26 X C24mm
Clearance: Standard
Grease: High temperature grease
Mark: As the order's requirement

Remark: Special bearing for plastic wheel.—Reference No.:A011、1208008、DP1208008、660863340—B.Type:TCP043-1、5280-ACM、GHS01200、DT-13726B (Knurled)、UT5291.

DK13726-2RS is used for TU5 tensioner DT-20860 = 96415393、1145955、0830.49、F-123906.4、U741、CR3511,Used for CITROEN car.(96415393)、FORD car.(1145955)、PEUGEOT car.(0830.49)

DYS BEARINGS adopts high-quality material of GCr15 with heat treatment process and uses fully automated production line. Sealing ring, grease and clearance can be selected according to customer requirements, so as to make the more reliable and stable performance of the bearing, higher cost-effective of the product and longer service life.




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