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A list of these dys news articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional dys news, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.

“ZOOM is very powerful and easy to use software that can be downloaded with a click.You can use ZOOM anywhere,whether on an airplane,in your car,at home or in your office.”——Jelena Joffe,work for AB InBev
DYS started to use ZOOM in May 2020 to keep face-to-face communication with customers from all over the world who could not come to China during the epidemic,and to shorten the distance between them.



Eid mubarak · 古尔邦节好!

DYS wishes Muslim friends all over the world a Happy and Peaceful Eid ! DYS祝福全球的穆斯林朋友们的古尔邦节好!
“古尔邦”在阿拉伯语中称作عيد اضحى‎(尔德·古尔邦或称为尔德·阿祖哈)。拉丁文称为‘īdu Aḍḥā 。“尔德”是中文“节日”的音译。亦称古尔邦节(‘Id Qurban)、“忠孝节”、“尔德节”或“古尔巴尼”。意为“献祭”“献牲”含有“牺牲”“献身”。所以一般把这个节日称作“牺牲节”或“宰牲节”。也译作“库尔班”的,为朝觐功课的重要仪式之一。(《伊斯兰百科全书》)



DYS BEARINGS escorts industrial automation · 中国机床展

2020.7.1-4 CME China Machine Tool Exhibition kicked off at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). This is the first offline exhibition of the National Convention and Exhibition Center in 2020. Nearly 1500 domestic and foreign manufacturers appeared at the exhibition, exhibiting the latest technology products of the industry!
After observing the machine tool exhibition, DYS technical team has a new concept of supporting bearings used in robot articulated robotic arm and Robot Reducers and is committed to solving various application scheme for customers.
DYS BEARINGS, specializing in bearings for 19 years. Look forward to DYS's new prospects, new technologies and new products to serve more and more overseas customers.



Distinction between bearing RS and 2RS · DYS轴承RS和2RS的区分

For example, when you need 6204-2RS bearing, if you make an inquiry and place an order according to the "6204RS" shown in the sealing ring above, the price and goods you receive may be wrong, please make a correct distinction.



DYS returns to work · 全面复工

I'm glad to inform you that we have been back to work today, Thank you so much for your always attention.
Thank you very much for your kind trust and support in the past year!
In the new year, new power, new hope!
Sincerely wish our cooperation will be better and better!



The material has gone up! · 材料涨价

DYS News:2020.2.20 。Received a notice from the steel factory, the price of Gcr15 may continue to rise for a long time.

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