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Taizhou, the city where DYS is located, is the base of plastic molds and plastic products in China. Therefore, in providing high-quality bearings to OE customers, DYS can also provide customers with automotive tensioner plastic wheel molds, plastic materials and plastic injection testing equipment. We strive to provide you with more comprehensive services, to make your products more perfect.



DYS website product guide

DYS will be fully revised on June 6, 2019, providing you with new visual and quick product query. For you can check our productsin more efficiently and effectively, please kindly follow the details in this article.
When you receive a poster from DYS, or see our products on the exhibition, please scan the product's QR code, it will automatically connect to the DYS website database, the product's detailed description can be available.



DYS BEARINGS at Automechanika Shanghai 2006-2018

Automechanika ShanghaiAutomechanika Shanghai is a popular name for the Shanghai International Auto Parts and Accessories Exhibition, Maintenance, Inspection and Diagnostic Equipment Service Supplies Exhibition. It is the world's second largest auto parts brand exhibition after Germany's Frankfurt Me



Celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China · 喜迎祖国70华诞

神州奋起,国家繁荣;山河壮丽,岁月峥嵘;江山不老,祖国常春! 国强则民强,国富则民富,国家昌盛则民族亦昌盛,值此国庆佳节,DYS BEARINGS全体员工祝愿我们伟大的祖国永远繁荣昌盛。



Happy Mid-Autumn Festival · 中秋快乐

The Mid-Autumn moon is quite round, and the family celebrates the reunion.
On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the DYS team organized a moon cake DIY activity.
Enjoy the moon, enjoy the autumn scenery, and enjoy the delicious moon cake.
DYS will be on holiday from Sep 13th,2019 to Sep 15th, 2019.




DYS automobile rely on China's largest used car trading center to provide you: BENZ, BMW, Audo, Toyota, Nissan.... used cars and new cars, quality assurance, can accept third-party audit, look forward to more overseas vehicle importers or retailers come to visit and inquiry!


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