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Type: HS01318 (Bush)
Corresponding Type: Material£ºCSB-50FSN
Self-Lubrication Bearings-Used for Tensioner.
Quotation  Details & Photo>>

Type: NR348
Corresponding Type: TR348
No-Standard series¡ªGuide rail bearing(µ¼¹ìÖá³Ð)
Quotation  Details & Photo>>

Type: CSK-30
Corresponding Type: 6206 One way bearings (µ¥ÏòÖá³Ð)
No-Standard series¡ªOne way bearings.
Quotation  Details & Photo>>

Type: 6408018
Corresponding Type: 6408018
No-Standard series
Quotation  Details & Photo>>

Type: ER205-16
Corresponding Type: ER205-16
No-Standard series
Quotation  Details & Photo>>

Type: 6208V
Corresponding Type: 6208V
No-Standard series
Quotation  Details & Photo>>

Type: 12289
Corresponding Type: 12289
No-Standard series
Quotation  Details & Photo>>

Type: SH205
Corresponding Type: SH205
No-Standard series
Quotation  Details & Photo>>

Type: R5206-25 2RS
Corresponding Type: R5206-25 2RS
No-Standard series
Quotation  Details & Photo>>

Type: BQ19670
Corresponding Type: BQ19670
No-Standard series
Quotation  Details & Photo>>

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