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Type: DK13740-2RS
Corresponding Type: DT-13740B (滚花)、DK13740-ACM、392A01200200
Bearing item number of DYS professional plastic wheel: DK-13740-2RS/ Description: One Knuring groove, with “V” groove at inner ring/ cage:PA66/ seal: either NBR or ACM can be choosed/ grease: Chevron SRI2#、KYODO Multemp SRL or ET-K can be choosed/material: Gcr15 tube material or forged material.(DYS塑料轮专业用轴承型号:DK13740-2RS / 描述:一条滚花槽 / 保持架:PA66 / 密封图:可选用NBR 或 ACM / 油脂:可选用Chevron SRI2#、KYODO Multemp SRL or ET-K;/ 材料:Gcr15的管料或锻打材料


Ref No.:SKF:VKM23256、RUVILLE:56642、DAYCO:ATB2208、INA:F-122574.06、532 0395 10、 OEM:0829.A1、0830.62、9643414780 、9648473280)
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Type: DK13726-2RS
Corresponding Type: DT-13726B (滚花)、DK13726-ACM、392A00900200
Bearing item number of DYS professional plastic wheel: DK13726-2RS/ Description: One Knuring groove, with “V” groove at inner ring/ cage:PA66/ seal: either NBR or ACM can be choosed/ grease: Chevron SRI2#、KYODO Multemp SRL or ET-K can be choosed/material: Gcr15 tube material or forged material


Ref No.: 96415393、1145955、0830.49、F-123906.4、U741、CR3511
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Type: DT-10622 (Old No.:OT-31033)
Corresponding Type: VKM13100、VKM13201、F-121287.5、QTT100、S400 、S507、IR-9811 、IR-9890、CR1692、F-121287
Auto Bearings—Tensioner & Idler Bearings—Used for CITROEN(97535002)、FIAT(9605266280)、LANCIA(9605266280)、PEUGEOT(0829.54)—Reference No.:97535002、0829.19 、0829.29、08.29.19、0829.54、GT80260、F-121287.1、F-39752.2、F-120959.1、VKM13201、CR1692、ATB2027、T41129、531003010、LZ-7033、VKM13100、ATB2026、T41129、531004510、LZ-7051、VKM13201、CR1692、LZ-7033、LZ-7051、SW1101(INA:531004510、RUVILLE:56620、SKF:VKM13100、OEM:0829.29、0829.44、0829.19、97522886、97535002、RAT2008、9153872280
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Type: DTR35650035
Corresponding Type: 445620BB
Auto Bearings—Hub Wheel Bearings-Used for RENAULT(7703090283)、KIA—Rolling element for tapered roller,the seal structure for a single oil seal on each side.(说明:滚动体为圆锥滚子,密封结构为每边为单片油封结构)—Ref No.:FAG:546238A、IRB:IR-2225、BREDA:C559、TIMKEN:JRM3535AASSY


FEBI BILSTEIN:07777、MEYLE:16-143090283\

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Type: DT-12841
Corresponding Type: 481H-1007071
Auto Bearings—Tensioner & Idler Bearings
Quotation  Details & Photo>>

Type: DC-23340A
Corresponding Type:
Auto Bearings—Clutch release bearings—Used in PAYKAN
Quotation  Details & Photo>>

Type: DT-30760
Corresponding Type: F-553914.03、IKCO:K914562398A
Auto Bearings—Tensioner&Idler Bearings—Used for PEUGEOT—Other Type:F-553914.03、IKCO:K914562398A、IK00600030—用在Samand PSA车型的引擎上EF7 1.7L.
Quotation  Details & Photo>>

Type: DT-30776.7
Corresponding Type: 377145299 right pulley、PAT304
Auto Bearings—Tensioner&Idler Bearings
Quotation  Details & Photo>>

Type: DC-HP258
Corresponding Type: DC-HP22358、LZ-6040、Valeo 804527、306200650R、3182600129
Auto Bearings—Clutch Release Bearings—Used for Lada Largus、NISSAN(30620-BN710、30620-BN700、30620-00QAB、3062000Q0E、3062000Q0A)、RENAULT(8200046103、8200764613、8200990502)—Reference No.:AISIN CSCN-002、ASHIKA 90-01-113、BORG & BECK BCS131、FTE ZA3007.4.1、HELLA 8AZ 355 600-371、HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J2601075、HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J2411000、JAPANPARTS CF-113、JAPKO 90113、KAISHIN HBNS001、KAWE 990089、LPR 3243、LuK 510009710、MAPCO 12150、NATIONAL NSC0037、NIPPARTS N2101001、NK 142201、QH Talbros CSC040、QUINTON HAZELL CSC040、SACHS 3182 600 129、TEXTAR 53003700、TRW PJQ169、VALEO 804527、sbs 142201、YB029
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Type: HS01318 (Bush)
Corresponding Type: Material:CSB-50FSN
Self-Lubrication Bearings-Used for Tensioner.
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